Rudolf Janecek

Speed Juggler

Back from Cirque du soleil

Cirque du soleil Luzia 2017

Our juggler Rudolf Janecek is now officially a juggler-extraordinaire! He just achieved a Guinness World Records title for the Most individual juggling rotations in 30 seconds with five clubs! We are so proud of our artist who did it with 429 rotations! Congrats Rudy! #GWR2017


Rudolf Janecek

Rudolf is the only juggler, who combines high speed juggling with acrobatic skills in an outrageous, breathtaking way.
Perfoming up to 8 clubs he also jumps somersaults while throwing 3 clubs in the air.
Being part of the new circus generation Rudy presents the classic juggling skills in modern style.


Winner of the 2nd Price and the Television Price at the CirkusCirkus Festival 2010 in Prague.